5 Surprisingly Great Places To Network Over The Holidays

Woman approaching a group of people standing next to a Christmas tree

Build Your Brand at these Unexpectedly Good Locations

In my last article I talked about how it’s challenging to do business in December as many of us are being pulled in different directions due to the demands of the holiday season. These demands can lead to a decrease in productivity and output for you and your business during this month. The good news is you can use these outside responsibilities to your advantage by looking for ways you can network and connect with people in places you wouldn’t expect. Here are five surprisingly good places to network and build your brand this holiday season.

1. In the Line Up

Line ups are long during the holidays. You’ll be in plenty of them this December so why not take advantage of this? There are 4 places in particular that come to mind:

  • Grocery store
  • Liquor store
  • Line up for photos with Santa
  • Any store that stocks popular gift items

Use your best judgement here. If it’s wall-to-wall chaos in the store or line up then take a pass. But if reaching out to the person standing in same the queue is practical then go for it! 

2. School Concerts, Holiday Breakfast or Other School Holiday Activities

A great time to talk to fellow parents while waiting in a line or seated for a concert.

3. Car Appointment for Snow Tires

You will likely be seated in a waiting area so the environment may be more conducive to conversation.

4. Holiday Parties

People are there to have fun and connect so they will likely be more relaxed than any other holiday situation listed above. 

5. Snow Days

If you’re so unlucky (or lucky depending on your view of your job) where your company cancels the work day due to winter weather then you have a snow day, my friend.

While not exactly a physical place, snow days are still a great time to network and connect with people via social media. Use this time to update the status of your Facebook business page and other social media pages. Review your accounts to ensure they are up to date with current photos, contact information and bio/descriptions. Hop on Twitter to listen to what’s being said. Follow conversations and look for developing trends. Join groups on LinkedIn to get involved in conversations in your industry. Use your expertise to answer questions and be helpful.


There are almost always opportunities to connect with others and build your brand. The trick is to being open to these chances. You never know where you might be and sometimes untraditional networking locations can yield great results.



Scott Trites is a Social Media Consultant and Owner of Knockout Social Media

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