Here’s Why You Should Work With Us On Your Next Social Media Project

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The Benefits of Working with Knockout Social Media

Ready to get social? 

I am!

I’m Scott Trites. I’m a social media consultant in Halifax, Nova Scotia. And I work with you to help grow your business through social media.

First, I meet with you to learn about you, your business and your goals. I want to know you and your area of work so well that when I post on your behalf that the messages are authentic and true to the voice and values of you and your business.

Together we develop a social media plan and strategy to help your business succeed in social networking. Whether your goals are to drive traffic to your website, book appointments or sell a product or service online or in person we work together to create something that offers value to your audience. We take a look at your current social media presence and explore social platforms that would be beneficial to you and your company. 

I work with all kinds of people from small business owners who aren’t sure where to start all the way to top entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to create content or monitor their social media channels.

Whether it’s creating your Facebook business page, teaching you social media basics, instructing you on advanced social media usage or creating a plan and strategy, we work together to find out what you want to get out of working together and map out a way to get there.

Here’s what I bring to the table:

  • I enjoy what I do!
  • I stay on top of trends and the ever-changing world of social media. 
  • Your business becomes my business (i.e. I care!)
  • Social media is always on my mind so I am always thinking of and searching for ways to promote and highlight your business
  • Creating strategies and content is my passion.

I love what I do. Meeting new people and learning about who they are and the business they are in is a joy. Let’s work together and grow your business through social media.

I’d love to hear from you. Fill in the form below to get in touch with me. 

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