Overcoming The Christmas Blues

The holiday season is picking up. I’m hearing Christmas music in stores and I see lights and decorations up on homes. It’s not my top favourite time of year (that would be summer) but I still enjoy it. However for many of us we can feel really down this time of year thinking about family we won’t see over the holidays, not being able to afford the gifts we would like to give our loved ones or reflecting on incompleted goals and other negative aspects of the past year. With that here are a few measures to take to beat the Christmas Blues.

Let me start by saying if you’re experiencing depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder, contact your doctor.

One of the things organizational professional say is when you gain new stuff you are to then get rid of old stuff to make room for it. So why not donate your old stuff? I always feel better knowing that the things I have donated are getting a chance to help someone else instead of sitting unused in my closet. You’ll also find that reducing the clutter and organizing your place will help your mental frame.

When it comes to buying Christmas presents make sure you buy your gifts early and don’t buy anything you can’t afford.

Simply put, doing things for others makes us feel better.

Activity and Exercise
The cold weather forces us indoors but there are ways to make the cold your friend. Find an activity that you can do outside (skiing, snow shoe hiking, ice skating) or if the outdoors is not for you, find an indoor activity like rock climbing, swimming, exercising, yoga, or spin classes.

Don’t Isolate or Overdo Alcohol
Be around people and limit your alcohol consumption. Attend the office Christmas party, attend a chorus or a networking event (if you’re nervous to try networking then read this article) or reach out to friends or connections on social media.

Plan Things
Whether it’s meeting up with friends, doing your Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, or managing your work around the holidays, have a plan and stick with it. Know what you are doing for the holidays and who you will be spending it with.

What’s Your Take?
How do you stay in a positive frame of mind during the holidays? Share your ideas below in the comments.



Scott Trites is a Social Media Consultant and Owner of Knockout Social Media

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